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Well, hello there! I know you’ve been following our stories, so it’s time we tell you a little bit about our friends Bella and Sebastian.

Bella loves to play with her older brother Sebastian, and her pet rabbit, Henry.  Like you, Bella is a special little girl who loves to dance, sing and play.  She has many food allergies that sometimes make her uncomfortable, but that doesn’t make her sad.  She knows she can’t eat the exact same thing that Sebastian can, so she learned to bake special cookies and goodies that she can eat, and she shares with all her friends, especially her brother, and Henry.

Henry is Bella’s best friend. He’s a stuffed rabbit, of course, but in Bella’s mind he’s as real as any good friend can be! They sing, dance and dream together. They play hide-and-seek and read stories to each other. And Bella takes him everywhere she goes, so they can always have fun together.

Sebastian is a great older brother. He looks out for Bella and makes sure she doesn’t eat anything that makes her sick. He is the sweetest brother a girl could ever have, and he’s brave and fun too! He practices jiu jitsu, rides his skateboard and follows Bella and Henry on their adventures. But when Bella doesn’t feel well, or it’s too hot for her to play outside, Sebastian knows just what to do. He brings out his guitar, he sings her a song, and Bella forgets about her allergies and sings, dances and has fun with Henry and her brother. 

Come join Bella, Sebastian and Henry in their colorful, fun-filled world!

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